Flowkage's Journey

by K The Infinite

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I was drowning when I wrote this verse..

Naruto was my outlet. (lyrics below)

Thankful to reach 1000 followers feels like yesterday I was on 70 & not moving . The spirit is moving so thank you for being on his journey with, I see all the support from all over the world (some places im like wtf lol ) but it inspires me to keep telling my story and our story. anyways this is getting soppy



released March 1, 2017




all rights reserved


K The Infinite UK

This used to be way longer but in essence I'm a human being with a story to share and picture to paint. Whether the colours are rap,singing or production I hope the artwork resonates with you.

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Track Name: Flowkage's Journey Ft Darkz (Prod. DA)
K: Resurrected Mozart through his bone shards
Rinne tensei see the pain in this cold heart
Windows to the soul see the pain in this cold heart
From eons of discovering who my foes are

Reanimated Mozart through his bone shards
Edo tensei see the snakes they got no heart
Windows to the soul see the snakes they got no heart
Im still discovering who my foes are

If I could paint the picture would you peep the switch up I ain't into waiting around, I have to read the scripture If it ain't me tell me who you're rating Amateratsu for the niggas hating Ashura mode we just celebrating Life for what it is, we ain't shinobi in the matrix I been throwing Shuriken for months my wrist bloody She said she learned healing from leaders got tricks for me But these days, these days. Just wanna leave the village And bring the fire to water without the need of spillage I mean how could your ever not like us For being trill, it's Arigato gazaimos I'm by the hill moulding Chakra, leave the by gones Let's them be by gones,coz we gone by Making jutsu looking dumb fly Trimming the Bonzai with no, response I.. I

K: Feeling so far detached form my own past
Extracting the cancerous cells so I move with no bars
Im like itachi a renegade on my own path compose art Like sai
live with a cold hart and mind

Inner my own dimension.. obito and kakAHshi
Because they don’t want me in the loop this is izanami
Feeling like first hokage speaking to sasuke I hope they listen
Till they feel my pain bring a meteor from the solar system

In the face of the ten tails would my pen fail
Or is this what my destiny entrails
Great wars and frienemies acting up..
used to be like tobirama and madara

but I saw through the bullshit ive got byakugan
try attacks you hit and missed(hidden mist) like your are Zabuza
saw the negative intent flow in your chakra
now The truth is getting impaler like dracula