IKIGAI Project

by K The Infinite

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IKIGAI Project

Reaching oneness with my purpose as a creator
Here is the first official chapter under K The Infinite


*Hidden Bonus Track on the Download ;) *


released March 6, 2016

Production: Knowsum, P Soul, Illiterate, SCOTT XYLO!, QTLA, Kaido, Eevee, Waveless, Submerse, PlantyHerbs
Vocals: K The Infinite, Eklipse, JustChris, Kwojo Kurama, Keys.
Mixing & Mastering: K The Infinite



all rights reserved


K The Infinite UK

This used to be way longer but in essence I'm a human being with a story to share and picture to paint. Whether the colours are rap,singing or production I hope the artwork resonates with you.

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Track Name: Would you still? [Prod. PlantyHerbs]
Would you still love me when I don’t love myself
When I don’t love myself
Drinking away the pain I don’t care for my health
Chilling with mary jane but none of it helps like

What if I never ever had to be born
Would I drift away and never feel the pain or the scorn

Who knows

Who knows moving down this new road
Feeling lost like the alchemist makings fools gold
Feel my consciousness drowning within a new low
Before he died I wish I could of bought a hublot

Just to buy him more time of this earth
So I could have been the son he had the right to deserve
Before he resides in the dirt my life is disturbed
Writing is cursed my mind is blur as im writing these words

I could fly with the birds float away and disappear in this frightening world
Cause I can here the devils chorus
And a circle of snakes like the ourouborus

See the acting an Oscar award performance
Even the girl I thought was the one was so far from flawless
Attraction is lawless Trapped in the corners
Feeling trapped in the corners

When I don’t love myself would you still love me
Would you still love me
Track Name: Quest of Guts Ft Keys. [Prod. P Soul]
Sitting quiet sick and tired of feeling sick and tired
Sick and tired of spitting fire but the shits admired
Whats a mistifier I am mister fire Richard pryor
Going after riches make these kids retires

jake Lloyd rapping like I take roids
Squat in my emotions taking potions for this hate void
Lost in my devotion for these poems I remain coy
You ask me how its going im advancing in this Gameboy

Uh uh the game boy changed me not the same boy
A new being whos being altered by the pain joy
You see him in the village hidden in the rain ploy
Step in to my radius moving shady its

Long for man evolutionary process
I cut you off with no stress you aint got the guts
new enemies are old friends

Think you know how my road went ?

It's plain to see he confides in these words
these waves of sea subside I'm basically alive, just be decisive, better yet incisive, be concise and they'll never breathe beside us he can hear the spiral patterns they can see the sirens, but they'll never leave in silence that's the beauty of music, even memory defies us I'm...
Getting better at getting better at getting rid of the curse of the cuddled corners the work'll succumb to soreness, serve to the son of shrines then come alive to orders, this circular studded slaughter
Rolling single-file in battle intertwined & tangled, live your life in shackles sinful life, sick of writing, sick of that, disentangle sycophants, this attack on cinematic picture pans to sit in black, sitting back relaxing, I wish I had distractions
But now I wipe my jealous eyes, I rush my options, always falling to decide like when weidenfeller dives.
Band of the Hawk think you know how my road went

Iam the renegade I follow my own path no heart
Blow past run like I wont last first place
Londons my birthplace star born blazing
Nurses got burnt face cursed fate

Still the Best on my worst days I went to eden for my first plate
burn fire to detersnakes
The Innocent that the world changed
Can I make my world change
Track Name: Soul Shift [Prod. Waveless & Submerse]
Pray that god can lead my pathway
Need the light in this dark age heartache
Dissipating in to the mist as my past fades
I n I part ways with my pastpain

Partake in a soul shift speaking jahs name
Alllah Yahweh incarnate we aren’t slaves
Cause we were made in his image watch the art play
Connecting with the holy spirit as I stargaze

Tempted by my innerdemons but I cant break
This is uzumaki vs sasuke
Absorb your negativity until you cant hate
And all youre left to give is peace in a calm state

Love rain as we grow fruit from the seed of life
Food for thought eating right to reveal the light
Because you can sell your soul for a decent price
Roam the streets at night stoned like jesus christ

So I Meditate to highers depts.
And my Mind connects to a higher sense
overcome my sea of anger where poseidan rests
hum and speaking mantras to defy the stress

Till my writings bless
And im getting a 1st within this life of test
Stair way to heaven im tryna find the ste[s
like the messiah within his final breaths

Word of man word of god
Time isleft
Getting stones like jesus Christ
Don’t believe the hype see the lights as the darkness creeps at night
Track Name: Soul King [Prod. Knowsum]
Let me go in a again like I forgot my jacket
I got the line for these fiends that is so problematic
That is a problem addict how you gonna stop the pattern
Down in street with a tens tryna Rob the masses

pocket fattened now your getting pennied or a copper catchinghim
better stop the gramming all the watches dosh and fashion
location spot your tagged in now you’re getting got its a MADTING

better roll a round with muscle you got a spazm
spending your ps on qs cop some manors
like a lord init I am all forgiving
Pray before I eat just tryna resurrect the god in atoms

Enhance the energy just like a copper wrapping lots a magnets
Wire we moving like ionic lattice
Positive they are moving negative
The Dark night F A M its all relative

But f=ma
Sensei new tons
2nd law don’t force essay
Yoda olders green with envy now we set pace
Cos man we used to eat basic that’s a temp plate

But now we set the levs greater
Gotta master my craft you tryna send failiure
Like you couldn’t bounce with it try travelling
Better stick with your field you can find cabagges

do farm more as a farmer
get a round with your misses that karma
what you gonaa do say what you gonn say stokie
im hooded up looking look to love right in

you lover her like rookie
im raising bar the brothers are tryna pushme
sisters hearing me fully

im the soul king telle em stop soulking
let the flow so kin animal so king
im the soul king telle em stop soulking
let the flow so kin animal so king

im the soul king telle em stop soulking
let the flow so kin animal so king
im the soul king telle em stop soulking
let the flow so kin animal so king

im the soul king
tell em s/o queen
tell em s/o king
we’re family so king
Track Name: Her Universe Ft Eklipse [Prod. Illiterate]
La di da di we like to party
Rp gs cos my teams like the army
Ashante sippin an elixir feeling calm b
oyinbos ask me they feening for some Charlie

nah You got the wrong black guy if you cant see
and dont try spud me so move your arm g
scatty scattty on dizzle you moving batty
why you breading like chapatis im just looking for

some brains and some braids and a batty
crystal on her chain with the waist moving jazzy
uncle fill if your giving me that un cool feel
then your vibes get blocked like naruto uzumaki

chuunin to the nnext episode
itadakimasu ima happy chapppy
cos Im in wagamamas sippin sake
Waitress looking at me like she give da uckky akhi

She pally pally said she like my jacket lookin savvy savyy
And she Giving da the eye like a ballly bally
I better come before tone like barry barry

get the message
we met in settings she met my presence I felt the blessings
she fell from heaven I fell from hell you can smell the tension
man the opposites attracts
now im deep in her void with opposite of that you fill me

master of her universe
master of her universe
master of her universe
master of her universe
Track Name: Chivalry is Dead Ft JustChris [Prod. SCŌTT XYLO!]
A lot what baby can I hit like a stop watch
Stop cotch watchNetflix
Til your on top what
Have the room feeling like a hot box

Come after me like foxtrot
To echo then I lock off

Grab the uber then I bop off
Cos after I beat girl your stock drop
Shoulda been seven dates before your thong off
Oh im running through your mind you should jog on

Bare sub tweets lets me log on
About side man I was in side damn
And im a likkle boy you should blame my dad
Cause he didn’t teach me how to be a fine man

So don’t feel blue cause your name cyan
Stop the voice notes I wont reply back
I done my deed and I up and leave
Don’t fuss and scream

I don’t really care what love might be
Now you wanna say that you got my seed
Its not likely its not likely
Well that’s not like me

Whats love got to do with it
Whats love gonna do do for you
Whats love got to do with it
Whats love gonna do do for you
Track Name: Bye..Gone [Prod. QtLA]
I see you leave
But never
Forget your what I need
What I need

Where will you go
Is it better
Just don’t forget my soul
forget my soul

I need to know know know know
Cos Youre out of control
Spinning out on your own

Out on your own feeling disillusioned
Tryna build with material that wont fit the blueprint
The Devil said youll never do it with this clever music
Whats the point in being heavensent they’ll never view it

Unlike the Weaponsshooting skett and boozing
they don’t want to hear about evolution ascending human
revolution revelation destitution desecration
execution separation from the source your emanating

higher thoughts and destinations
so im off in to the mist until they sort my reparations
Track Name: Stuck Between [Prod. Kaido & Eevee]
Stuck between a rock and a hardplace
Another brother lost in the dark days
Playing with the devil in the arcade
I just hope I find my pathway

I don’t wannalive a lie
I wanna make up my mind
And find my way

Overthinking about overthinking
People look at me like im floating they don’t know Im sinking
Where should I go from here I do not know im overthinking
Stuck in zombie mode its feeling like a hopeless mission

Granny look me in the eyes she thinks my soul is missing
Wheres your passion and your goals you need to know your vision
You need to smile more be happy cause jehovahs living
I agree but really Im not going ta listen

Shes hoping wishing that I don’t roll with villains
Out in coldest of winter i make a golden decision
And finish uni unlike my brother who dropped out
Ended up in the dog house for tryna move some blocks round

Lost now feeling like im home but im locked out
No key under the mat so im sleeping out in the black
I can feel the demons they feeding on what I lack
But as long im stil breathing im reasonably on track .. life
Track Name: ReAlly ThE OuTro [Prod. J Dilla]
S/O Clutch